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4 months ago

Hey your story is really good. I hope you get the recognition for biggest donut lover soon…❤

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Yes, It Really Happened. And It Couldn’t Have Occurred At A Worse Time. Smack In The Middle of Getting All our Cool Donut Stuff Ready On The Site In Time For Halloween! One Of The Most FunDonut Events Of The Entire Year! Preliminary Information We Received Indicates The Culprits May Belong To The DHA- The Donut Haters Of America. Yes Friends, Such A Diabolical Group As ThisReally Does Exist! And Because Of Them, The Website is Not Ready With All The Usual Halloween DesIgns and Other Good Stuff.

If You Love Donuts As Much As Us- Please Help Save Our Website From Their Clutches By Ordering From The Available Images And Products We’ve Managed To Get On To The Site. Also, We Would Love For You To Show your Support For The Site by Becoming A Subscriber! To Become A Subscriber To The Donuttimes.Com, Just Navigate To The Subscription Page. It’s Free To Join And It’s Where The Fun Stuff Is! And as A Subscriber, You’ll Get A Free Large Halloween Decal!

Thank You So Much And As Always- Have A Happy Donut Day