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3. Fundamentals Beats Talent

He had all the dunks but, I had them along with fundamentals.

In the end, I won each time.

Mike and I plan on watching the anticipated game between UConn and Duke. Mike yelled, “Dunk Now or forever hold your peace. ” Mike has been shouting dunk madness since this morning. He has been pumped up for this all day long. Now, he’s yelling Dunkin’ time. He likes basketball just as much as I do. He was one of the kids I always beat. He’s like a brother but, Mike has never defeated me.

Both of us grew up in a poverty-stricken community in Brooklyn, NY. Both of our mothers are recovering drug addicts. Basketball was an outlet for us at the time. Now we are older. We still love the sport and are close than ever. I remember we were playing basketball. We couldn’t afford a real goal so, we used a crate.

In the hood, that was a tradition. One of our favorite games was called dunk funk. Dunking on the rim was hard but, we loved it. All of the kids in the neighborhood did. We were creative with our fun.

We both agree that UConn has the fundamentals needed to win again. Our offense is good, the coach is great and, we are undefeated. Why not think we will win? There is a reason for us to be very excited.

Until huskies play, we go and play some pick up the ball. Well, it’s just us two. Plus, it’s in his backyard. Mike starts trash talking like he did when we were kids. I am quiet as I always have been. Let’s see if I could still come out as a winner. 

Mike is more talented but, he doesn’t play the game the way right. I’m not boasting, but I do. Mike scores the first few points every time. He got tired as he does and, I capitalized.

After winning, I humbly celebrated. We watched the tournament and, UConn looked the way we expected. Our boys made it to round four. Each game they played was competitive but, they won by wide margins.

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