Donut Fan Club Halloween Decal Giveaway

Donut Fan Club Halloween Decal

A super fantastic decal was created especially for the members of the Donut Fan Club.

Originally the art was designed keeping in view the club’s favorite fun food the Donut as a feature.
Halloween has never been inspired by a Donut.

Donut is used as fun eating, joking, displaying selfies, writing poems, limericks, exchanging recipes, exploring new flavors.

Now, we take the opportunity to introduce your favourite Donut to a different place of enjoyment.
A place where only the scariest monsters go.We have Witches, Skulls, Vampires, Monsters, and much more.

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Avail the chance to win a free Halloween Original Donutween Decal..

This spectacular window sticker is not  any ordinary one, it’s a gigantic 11” X 12” self adhering decorative window decal and exclusively designed for only our New Subscribers to Donut Times, not available for sale anywhere.

Limited time offer to avail your free voluminous decorative donutween decal.

Disclaimer: The winner pays only $2.00 shipping and handling. 
Everyone is a winner, only losers are the ones that wait too long and the decals will be all gone.